Parkinsonfs disease Symposium in Takamatsu
Kick off
plenary session
  Dear Colleague,
   @It is my great pleasure to meet you again in the Fifth International Parkinsonfs Disease Symposium in Takamatsu (PDST). This symposium is held every year since 2002. I am very proud that this local, but international symposium is already a tradition in Japan. Our department received our hospitalfs budget that almost covers the cost of this symposium and the proceedings of the symposium. This small symposium maintain a high scientific level with support International Advisory Members, Prof. E. Melamed, Y. Mizuno, W. Poewe, E. Tolosa and N. Yanagisawa.
   @The themes for this year are
   1) On the Way to Cure Parkinsonfs Disease
   2) Behavioral Disorders in Parkinsonfs Disease.
   The curing of Parkinsonfs disease is a very important and urgent issue because current medical treatments are not satisfactory. We will be able to hear reviews on the most current research in these areas.
   @gDepressionh and gImpulse Control Disorderh of Parkinsonfs Disease are hot topic in behavioral disorders of Parkinsonfs Disease. Parkinsonfs Disease is considered a neuropsychiatric disorder. Therefore, psychiatric knowledge is essential for neurologists who treat Parkinsonfs Disease. This symposium will examine these basic and topical issues in Psychiatry of Parkinsonfs Disease.
   @We always make every effort to invite excellent guest speakers from aboard and Japan. It is not always easy for these guest speakers to accept because they are very busy. I would like to thank them for their contributions to this symposium. I do hope you will join us to discuss and enjoy the symposium as usual and exchange knowledge and friendship here in Takamatsu. This season is the best for sightseeing, which is, of course, as the very beautiful cherry blossoms will be in full bloom all over Japan. Our home city is not the most convenient to visit, but it is worth effort to visit here because of its long history, many sites and delicious Japanese cuisine. This is our local life in Japan, Takamatsu. I hope you will join us.
  Yours sincerely,
  M.Yamamoto MD
  President, PDST